November 05, 2019


Worthington Automobile Co. (1904-1905)

New York, New York & Cleveland, Ohio

This is a Meteor nameplate/serial plate (1904-1905)      mjs
Size: 101mm wide 48mm high

In 1904 C C Worthington of New York City bought out the Berg Automobile Company of Cleveland. Production of the Berg was continued by the new Worthington Automobile Company, as well as a new 18 hp four-cylinder touring car called the Meteor.

C C Worthington left the business in December 1904 and early in 1905, after reorganization as the Cleveland Motor Car Company, the name of the car was changed to Cleveland.


The Meteor did not carry an emblem but did display the "Meteor" name on a small casr maker's combined nameplate/serial plate, see example shown above. Original Meteor nameplates are rare.

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