November 28, 2021


Meteor Motors, Inc. (1919-1922)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is a Meteor radiator emblem (1919-1922)      mjs
Size: 57mm diameter   MM: None

The Meteor built in Philadelphia was a high quality 80 hp four-cylinder automobile and was offered in sport touring and runabout body styles. A town car model was added for 1922. The Meteor was distinguished by a deep vee shaped radiator and the bodies were made by Fleetwood. The Meteor was an expensive automobile and could not survive the post First World War depression. Production ceased in 1922.


There are very few photos of the Meteor car made in Philadelphia and none, that I can find, which clearly show an emblem. 

The Meteor had a vee-shaped radiator, which may have carried an emblem at the top of the radiator but I cannot confirm this. Original photos of Meteor cars show what appears to be an emblem mounted on the body side just above the running board, see example shown below:

Meteor two-seater showing possible body side emblem (1919)   atj

The Meteor Motors Inc, emblem is the two-piece, blue and black enamel emblem surmounted by a gold star shown above at the top of this post and is very rare.

The following Meteor brochure dated 1920 refers to Meteor Motors Corporation and not Meteor Motors Inc.:

Meteor Motors Corp brochure (1920) worthpoint

This brochure includes an illustration of a Meteor Motors Corporation emblem, see below:

Meteor Motors Corp brochure page with emblem (1920) worthpoint

Meteor Motors Corp emblem

I can find no details of the Meteor Motors Corporation and I have not seen an emblem inscribed with this company name. If an original emblem could be found inscribed Meteor Motors Corp, it would be extremely rare.

Interestingly, all the Meteor emblems that I have seen appear to be unused.

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