March 04, 2022


Corliss Motor Truck Co. (1916-1918)

Corliss, Wisconsin

This is a Corliss radiator emblem (1917)      sam
Size: 64mm diameter     MM: Unknown (some Childs)

The Corliss Motor Truck Company was established in 1916 with Harry G Moore as president and had a production plant in Corliss, Wisconsin. The first Corliss trucks appeared in 1917.

The Corliss was a light delivery truck and used a patented form of construction made entirely of steel with the body forming an integral part of the chassis, thereby providing strength with low weight. The Corliss was a 1,000 lb capacity truck powered by a 16 hp Le Roi engine and was offered in two body styles, an express type with a fixed top and a panel type.

It is not known how many Corliss vehicles were produced before the venture ended in 1918, possibly due to material shortages and the effects of the First World War.  


The red, white and blue enamel Corliss radiator emblem shown above includes a depiction of the patented body structure and is very rare.

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