March 04, 2024


Sellew Motors Ltd. (1911)

Ontario, Canada

This appears to be a Sellew-Royce radiator emblem (1911)     sam
Size: 56mm high 43mm wide     MM: Unknown

Sellew-Royce is listed as an automobile made by Sellew Motors Limited in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1911 but no further details are available and the name does not appear in "Cars of Canada".

Sellew Motors Limited was certainly located in Toronto in 1911. Possibly Sellew Motors had planned to enter the automotive field and a prototype and some emblems were made, but, in the event, did not proceed any further. If you have any further information about Sellew-Royce, please let me know, in order to update this post.


The red, white and black enamel Sellew-Royce emblem shown above appears to be a radiator emblem and, if so, would be extremely rare.

There is a plated version of this emblem without the black enamel, which has the appearance of a reproduction emblem, see below:

This may be a reproduction Sellew-Royce emblem     ms

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