September 20, 2022


Severin Motor Car Co. (1920-1921)

Kansas City, Missouri

This is a Severin radiator emblem (1920-1921)     mjs
Size: 96mm wide 40mm high      MM: None

The Severin was an assembled 65 hp six-cylinder five-passenger touring car. About one car a week was built after production began in July 1920. The rate of production was increased in early 1921 but there were problems and the Severin operation was closed later in 1921.

The Mohawk Motor Company succeeded the Severin Motor Car Company but was bankrupt within a month. Metropolitan Motors Corporation then took over and built a few Severin cars from parts on hand in 1922. Total Severin production was 307 cars.


The following Severin advertisement shows a Sevrin motor car and a representation of the Severin radiator emblem:

This is a Severin ad showing radiator emblem (1920)    ma

This is the red, white, black and pale blue enamel Severin radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post. This Severin radiator emblem is very rare.  

Emblem collectors should beware as there are reproduction Severin radiator emblems with a white enamel border rather than pale blue, see example shown below. The original Severin radiator emblem was made using dies leaving a reverse impression on the back of the emblem, whereas the reproduction Severin emblem has a flat shiny back. 

This is a reproduction Severin radiator emblem      ms
Size: 96mm wide 40mm high      MM: None

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