March 18, 2024


Fremont Motors Corp. (1920-1922)

Fremont, Ohio

This is a Fremont radiator emblem (1920-1923)   tcc
Size: 77mm wide 51mm high     MM: Unknown

The Fremont Motors Corporation was established in September 1919 with plans to build a four-passenger car to be called the Fremont. However, in April 1920, it was announced that the Fremont was now to be a six-cylinder touring car and that all the first year production was for export.

The 37 hp Fremont Model R-6 five-passenger, assembled touring car was introduced at the Cleveland Automobile Show in February 1921.The same car was offered at a lower price in 1922 but no further news followed. It is not known how many Fremont cars were actually built but it must have been very few.   


The blue and white enamel Fremont radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

Beware, there is a reproduction Fremont radiator emblem in green and white enamel with a flat back, see example below:

This is a reproduction Fremont radiator emblem     ms

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