June 02, 2024


Delling Motors Co. (1924-1927)

West Collingswood, New Jersey

This is a Delling radiator emblem (1924-1927)     sam
Size: 46mm high 39mm wide     MM: Unknown

The Delling was a steam car offered by Eric Delling and his brothers as a touring and a sedan both powered by the Delling Una-Flow, three-cylinder double-acting steam engine, which was claimed to be the equivalent power of a twelve-cylinder gasoline engine.

Unfortunately, the Delling did not attract many buyers and production of the Delling passsenger car ceased in 1927 after a total production of only 92 units.

Eric Delling saw great potential for the Delling Una-Flow steam engine as a power source for commercial vehicles but this too did not materialize. However, Eric Delling did manage to secure the finance necessary to produce a steam powered bus and the Supersteam Service Company was established in 1930 with a factory at the old Mercer car plant in Trenton, New Jersey. It is recorded that a single steam bus was built and was used in regular service from Philadelphia to Atlantic City.


The black and white enamel Delling radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

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