June 25, 2021


M. W. Savage Factories Co. (1910-1911)

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is a Dan Patch radiator emblem (1910-1911)     mjs
Size: 137mm wide 134mm high   MM: None

The Savage family were producers of cattle feed and had owned a famous harness race-horse named Dan Patch. The Savages put the Dan Patch name on several merchandising products, including stop watches, sewing machines and an automobile. They did not make their own car but simply bought available motor cars from an unnamed Indiana automobile factory and transported the cars to Minneapolis for distribution and sale in Minnesota.

Despite promising 1500 cars in 18 different models, the Dan Patch name appeared on only a few medium-priced 35 hp and 40 hp four-cylinder automobiles. Total production numbers were low and some of the cars were also sold under the Savage name.


The painted metal Dan Patch radiator emblem shown above is very rare.

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