December 17, 2021


M. P. Moller Motor Co. (1927-1931)

Hagerstown, Maryland

This is a Moller taxicab radiator emblem (1927-1931)    sam
Size: 122 wide  65mm high    MM: Unknown

The Moller was one of several makes of taxicab produced by the M. P. Moller Motor Company, builders of the Dagmar automobile in Hagerstown, Maryland (see Dagmar).

The Moller was a four-cylinder model and had an aluminum radiator. Production of the Moller ceased in 1931 but the Moller factory continued to make Moller taxicabs using Ford Model T chassis up to 1933 and then using Ford V-8 chassis and engines until 1936.


The cast aluminum Moller taxicab radiator emblem shown above is rare.

The following thin, black painted Moller nameplate may have been displayed inside the taxicab but I cannot confirm this. This Moller emblem is rare.

This is a Moller nameplate (1927-1931)     alt
Size: Unknown

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