January 01, 2023


London Motors Ltd. (1921-1924)

London, Ontario

This is a London Six radiator emblem (1921-1924)     mjs
Size: 89mm wide 51mm high     MM: Unknown

London Motors Limited was established in London, Ontario in the summer of 1921 with William R. Stansell as President and General Manager. William Stansell had designed the London Six before arriving in London, Ontario. Pilot models of the London Six were ready by the autumn of 1921 and the completed car was displayed at the London Motor Show in February 1922.

The London Six was a large, impressive and well-built six-cylinder automobile with an aluminum body and laminated wood disc wheels and was offered in a variety of body styles. The slogan used to market the London Six was "Canada's Quality Car". 

Unfortunately, London Motors Limited had limited production facilities and was perhaps too dependent on outside suppliers. Stansell planned to bring engine and axle manufacturers into his team and expand his production facilities but he could not obtain the necessary financial support from the bankers. Production of the London Six ended in 1924 and it was all over early in 1925.  Only 98 London Six cars were built.


The all metal London Six radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

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