April 18, 2019


Howard Motor Car Co. (1913-1914)

Lexington-Howard Co. (1914)

Connersville, Indiana

This is a Howard radiator emblem (1913-1914)      mjs
Size: 78mm wide 53mm high     MM: Greenduck

The Howard was a 60 hp six-cylinder motor car using a special dual exhaust system and was introduced at the New York Automobile Show in December 1913.  The Howard Motor Car Company was set up in Chicago to distribute the Howard and E. W. Ansted was contracted to build it. Ansted had just acquired the Lexington Motor Car Company (see Lexington) and the Howard was produced alongside the Lexington in the same factory in Connersville, Indiana.

By early 1914 the whole enterprise had become the Lexington-Howard Company but the Howard was discontinued later in the same year, when the Howard Motor Car Company decided not to continue with it. Production figures are not known but would have been very low, as the Howard was in production for only eight months.


The black and white enamel Howard radiator emblem shown above was in use for a few months only and is extremely rare.

The Howard radiator emblem was changed to a red, white and blue enamel emblem using the same design as for the Lexington car emblem, when the Lexington-Howard Company was established in 1914, see example below. This Howard radiator emblem is extremely rare, as it too was used for a few months only.

This is a Howard radiator emblem (1914)     mjs
Size: 44mm diameter     MM: Greenduck

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