December 20, 2020


Ben Hur Motor Co. (1917-1918)

Willoughby, Ohio

This is a Ben Hur radiator emblem (1917-1918)     mjs
Size: 51mm high 50mm wide     MM: Robbins

The Ben Hur was a 29 hp six-cylinder motor car offered as a four-passenger roadster, seven-passenger touring and a seven-passenger touring sedan.

Production of the Ben Hur was much lower than had been anticipated, reportedly because of difficulties in securing bodies. But, there were other financial problems and attempts to secure further finance failed. It was all over for the Ben Hur by May 1918. Actual production figures are not known but probably less than a hundred Ben Hur cars were built.


The Ben Hur radiator emblem has a panel in detailed relief below the name, showing Ben Hur riding his horse drawn chariot, and a depiction of a Ben Hur car at the top of the emblem, see the black and white enamel example shown above. This Ben Hur radiator emblem is extremely rare.

There is a red, white and blue enamel variation of the Ben Hur radiator emblem, see example below. This Ben Hur emblem has the same finely detailed relief of Ben Hur riding his chariot and appears to be a genuine original emblem. If so, this Ben Hur radiator emblem is also extremely rare.

This is a Ben Hur radiator emblem (c1918)     sam
Size: 51mm high 50mm wide       MM: Unknown

Emblem collectors should beware, as there is also a Pulfer reproduction of the Ben Hur radiator emblem in red, white and blue enamel, see example below. However, there can be no doubt that this is a reproduction emblem, as the emblem is very crudely made with no detail in the relief of Ben Hur and his chariot, and has a flat back and no maker's mark.

This is a Pulfer reproduction Ben Hur radiator emblem     ms

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