September 05, 2018


Speed Changing Pulley Co. (1908-1909)

Indianapolis, Indiana

De Tamble Motors Co. (1910-1913)

Anderson, Indiana

This is a De Tamble radiator emblem (1910-1913)    mjs
Size: 82mm wide 36mm high     MM: Robbins

The De Tamble began in 1908 as a small 16 hp two-cylinder buggy produced in limited numbers by the Speed Changing Pulley Company of Indianapolis. Edward S. De Tamble reorganized his company as the De Tamble Motors Company and moved production to Anderson, Indiana in August 1909. 

The De Tamble was shown at the St Louis Automobile Show in March 1910 but production remained very low. The company decided to move out of the buggy side of the business and the De Tamble became a four-cylinder model, although a few two-cylinder runabouts continued to be produced through 1911.

Early in 1911 the company narrowly avoided receivership and went under new management. A De Tamble roadster won the 1911 New Orleans to Memphis race but production remained erratic. Over the next two years De Tamble went through a series of crises, management changes and plant shut downs with the company moving in and out of receivership until production ceased for good in 1913.


The two-cylinder De Tamble buggy did not have a radiator emblem but had a brass "De Tamble" script on the radiator core.

From 1910, the four-cylinder De Tamble  displayed a radiator emblem finished in white and black enamel, see example above at the top of this post. This De Tamble radiator emblem is very rare.

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