July 02, 2018


Olympian Motors Co. (1917-1920)

Pontiac, Michigan

This is an Olympian radiator emblem (1917-1918)      khec
Size: 59mm wide 53mm high      MM: Bastian Bros

R A Palmer set up Olympian Motors Company in 1917 to produce the 23 hp four-cylinder Olympian, which was initially offered in touring or roadster body styles and in a variety of colors.

Production of the Olympian was stopped from early 1918 to early 1919 due to production for the war effort but continued again in 1919. However, there were financial problems and it was all over for the Olympian by early 1920. 


All Olympian radiator emblems displayed a triangle shape as part of the design. 

The elaborate metal Olympian radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare and is believed to have been used on the first Olympian cars in 1917 but I cannot confirm this.

There are reproduction metal Olympian emblems but they can be easily identified due to their crude flat design, which lacks any detail in depth, see example below:

This is a reproduction Olympian emblem       ms

The white and black enamel Olympian radiator emblem shown below is believed to have been used from about 1918. This emblem is very rare.

This is an Olympian radiator emblem (c1918)     sam
Size: 60mm diameter    MM: Unknown

This emblem is also found finished in deep maroon, white and black enamel, see example below. This emblem is very rare and may have been used on Olympian cars finished in wine color.

This is an Olympian radiator emblem (c1918-1919)    dkc
Size: 60mm diameter    MM: Unknown

If you have detailed information about the dates of use of these emblems, please let me know so that this post can be updated.

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