January 10, 2021


Luxor Cab Manufacturing Co. (1924-1925)

Framingham, Massachusetts

This is a Standish radiator emblem (1924-1925)    mjs
Size: 66mm high 55mm wide   MM: Robbins

The Standish motor car was built by the Luxor Cab Manufacturing Company, makers of the Luxor taxicab.

The Standish was a luxury car with brass trim powered by a six-cylinder Continental engine. Manufacture of the Standish began in mid-1924 at the R H Long Motor Car Company plant in Framingham, Massachusetts, where the Bay State car had been built.

It is reported that production of the Standish was limited to one sedan and, possibly, one open car. 


The blue and white enamel radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

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