July 23, 2021


M. P. Moller Motor Co. (1925-1927)

Hagerstown, Maryland

This is an Astor radiator emblem (1925-1927)      mjs
Size: 114mm wide  62mm high    MM: None

The four-cylinder Buda engined Astor, built between 1925 and 1927, was one of several taxicab makes produced by Moller, makers of the Dagmar (see Dagmar).

The Astor had a distinctive vee-shaped aluminum radiator and an unusual body color scheme comprising a beige lower body with black top, running-boards and fenders, and with a bright orange belt line and disc wheels. The Astor was marketed by the Astor Cab Company of New York City, but most Astor sales were in Philadelphia.


The following photo of a surviving Astor taxicab shows a metal radiator emblem attached to the vee-shaped radiator:

Astor taxicab showing radiator emblem (c1925)  washcohistory

This is the cast aluminum Astor radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post. This Astor taxicab radiator emblem is rare.

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