June 08, 2018

A & B

American & British Mfg. Co. (1907-1922)

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Providence, Rhode Island

This is an A & B emblem (Date unknown)     mjs
Size: 86mm diameter    MM: None

The American & British Manufacturing Company began to produce fire engines from 1907 and, from 1914, built two-wheeler tractor units to convert horse-drawn steam pumpers to self propulsion. These were gas-electrics with four-cylinder engines generating power for electric motors mounted on each front wheel. Commercial trucks of 3-ton and 5-ton capacity were also made.

Production of A & B vehicles began in Bridgeport, Connecticut but was later transferred to Providence, Rhode Island.


The A & B emblem shown above is rare. How and when this emblem was used by A & B is not known but it is likely that it was a hub center disc. 

The reference to "Hoadley System" relates to Joseph H Hoadley, who had been President and chief shareholder of A & B and who had been involved in the development of steam trucks and compressed air vehicles.

If you have further details of emblems used by A & B, please let me know in order to update this post.

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