April 01, 2018


Ardsley Motor Car Co. (1905-1906)

Yonkers, New York

This is an Ardsley emblem (1905-1906)     mjs
Size: 108mm wide 32mm high    MM: None

The Ardsley Motor Car Company was established in Yonkers by local businessmen to produce a car designed by William S. Howard. The Company slogan was "Made in New York by New Yorkers for New Yorkers".

The Ardsley was a four-cylinder 35/40 hp King of Belgium touring car. Production began in January 1905. However, sales did not meet expectations even after prices were slashed and, following a disastrous fire in April 1906, which destroyed all but one of the Ardsley cars then under construction, production of the Ardsley ceased and the Company was closed in early 1907.

Total Ardsley production is believed to have been no more than about 75 cars.


The Ardsley carried a painted brass emblem attached to the body of the car. The original Ardsley emblem shown above is extremely rare.

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