January 15, 2018


Victor Page Motors Corp.

Farmingdale, New York (1921-1922)

Stamford, Connecticut (1922-1923)

This is a Victor Page radiator emblem (1922-1923)     mjs
Size: 52mm high 40mm wide   MM: D L Auld   

Victor Wilfred Page was a mechanical engineer and inventor, and built his first Page car in 1906-1907 in Providence, Rhode Island. He returned to automobile manufacturing in 1921 when he established Victor Page Motors Corporation. 

The first Victor Page cars were called the Utility Four but only four cars were built before production of the Aero-Type. The Aero-Type was a 30 hp air-cooled, overhead valve four-cylinder car offered in six model styles, including a light delivery van, depot wagon and taxicab.

The Aero-Type did not sell well and there was a stock-selling scandal which brought production of the Aero-Type to an end in 1923. Victor Page was innocent of any wrong doing but it was all over for the Aero-Type after only 128 cars had been built.


The Victor Page Aero-Type radiator emblem shown above is very rare.

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