January 28, 2018


Day-Elder Motors Co. (1916-1917)

Day-Elder Motors Corp. (1917-c1929)      

Newark, New Jersey      

National Motors Mfg. Co. (c1929-c1935)  

Day-Elder Truck Co. (c1935-c1937)          

Irvington, New Jersey      

Day-Elder Motor Truck Co. (c1937)

Newark, New Jersey     

This is a Day-Elder radiator emblem (c1935)     mjs
Size: 151mm wide 47mm high    MM: Unknown

Day-Elder Motors Company entered the commercial motor vehicle manufacturing market in 1916 with Charles P. Day as president and Fred G. Elder as treasurer and began to build two D-E truck models. The company announced plans to build a thousand 1250 lb capacity D-E Junior trucks and three-hundred 2000 lb capacity D-E Senior trucks by June 1917. It is unlikely that actual production achieved these levels but the trucks were well made and well received by the market.

D-E vehicles were assembled trucks using the best available parts and, in particular, used rear axle worm drive, which became the key element of Day-Elder Motors Company advertising and a worm and gear became the company logo.

In 1917, the Day-Elder Motors Company was reorganized as the Day-Elder Motors Corporation with a significantly increased capital stock. A new range of D-E worm-drive motor trucks was announced with sizes of 3/4-ton, 1-ton and 1-1/2-tons capacity. The range of trucks was changed again by 1918 to include five models from 1-3/4-tons to 7-tons capacity.

In 1919, the truck name was changed from D-E to Day-Elder, although in advertisements the reference to D-E Worm Drive continued for a few months. The range of truck models and sizes continued to expand through 1919.

In the early 1920's the Day-Elder had a national distribution network in America and some sales in Canada. However, sales lagged badly after 1928 and increasingly the company became a local make.

Day-Elder revised its trucks in 1929 to the new "Super Service Sixes" in capacities from 1-ton to 6-tons, all with six-cylinder Continental engines. In 1930 Day-Elder trucks were revised again to give a range of 1-1/2-tons to 8-tons capacity and a bus chassis to try to compete with Brockway in their local markets of New Jersey and New York City. Day-Elder also produced chassis for fire apparatus. 

There were changes in company structure through the 1930's but there was little change in the trucks offered until the company ceased trading in 1937.


The first D-E trucks were the D-E Junior and D-E Senior, both of which carried an enamel emblem attached to the radiator core, see original D-E Junior photo shown below:

This is a D-E Junior truck chassis showing the radiator emblem (1916)   atj

The original D-E Junior truck radiator emblem shown below is extremely rare:

This is a D-E Junior truck radiator emblem (1916)     mjs
Size: 76mm diameter     MM: Whitehead & Hoag

I do not have a photo of a D-E Senior truck radiator emblem but it was like the emblem shown above but with "Senior" in place of "Junior". The D-E Senior radiator emblem is also extremely rare. If you have a photo, please send a copy to up date this post.

The D-E Junior and Senior trucks were replaced in 1917 by a new range of trucks. The new D-E trucks had the D-E name cast into the radiator tank top and displayed a "D-E Worm-Drive" nameplate attached to the sides of the hood, see example in the 1918 D-E truck advertisement shown below:

This is part of a D-E Worm Drive truck ad showing the radiator and hood side emblems (1918)   atj

The following original period photo shows the "D-E Worm-Drive" hood side nameplate:

D-E truck showing "D-E Worm-Drive" hood side nameplate (c1918)    lktec

I do not have photos of the D-E truck radiator tank top emblem seen in the advertisement shown above. If you have photos, please send copies in order to update this post.

In 1919, the truck name changed to Day-Elder and the radiator tank top casting and hood side nameplates were changed accordingly, see example in the 1919 advertisement and tank top photo shown below:

This is a Day-Elder truck ad showing the radiator tank top and hood side nameplate (1919)   atj

This is an embossed radiator tank top emblem (c1919)    Anamera

There was a change in design of the radiator tank top for the heavier Day Elder trucks, see example in the 1920 advertisement shown below:

This is a Day-Elder ad showing the radiator tank top and hood side nameplate (1920)   atj 

The Day-Elder hood side nameplate shown below is rare:

This is a Day-Elder hood side nameplate (dates unknown)    mjs
Size: 375mm wide 60mm high

The Day-Elder radiator emblem shown below is very rare and appears to be from the 1920's but I cannot confirm an exact date:

This is a Day-Elder radiator emblem (dates unknown)    ms
Size: 100mm wide 26mm high

The Day-Elder radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post was used in the early to middle 1930's and is very rare.


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