January 23, 2022


Woods Mobilette Co. (1913-1916)

Harvey, Illinois

This is a Woods Mobilette radiator emblem (c1916)   ms
Size: 58mm high 52mm wide   MM: Unknown

Francis A Woods built two prototype cyclecars between 1910 and 1912. Woods obtained financial support and the Woods Mobilette Company was established in 1913 to produce what was called "America's First Cyclecar".

The Woods Mobilette was a 12 hp four-cylinder water-cooled roadster, initially designed as a tandem two-seater. For 1916 the Mobilette was lengthened with the two seats set in a staggered arrangement.

By 1914 production of the Woods Mobilette had reached about 1,000 units per month but, as interest in cyclecars waned, production started to fall and it was all over in late 1916.


The Woods Mobilette carried a painted brass radiator emblem, see example shown above. This emblem is rare.

Some Woods Mobilette cyclecars also carried a brass radiator script, see example below. Original "Woods Mobilette" radiator scripts are rare. 

This is a Woods Mobilette radiator script (1915)     gcm

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