August 06, 2021


Vaughan Car Co., Inc. (1914-1915)

Kingston, New York

This is a Vaughan emblem (1914-1915)     mjs
Size: 136mm wide 44mm high    MM: None

The Vaughan was named after Guy Vaughan, a well-known racing car driver. He drove for the F B Stearns Company and a Chadwick model was named after him in 1910. In 1909, Guy Vaughan decided to build his own car called the Guy Vaughan, which was built in fits and starts between 1910 and 1914.

In 1914 the Vaughan Car Company, Inc. evolved from the organizations previously building the Guy Vaughan and produced a new model called the "Vaughan". The Vaughan was a 34 hp six-cylinder car offered as a 2/3-passenger roadster or a 5/6-passenger touring but it was all over for the Vaughan by early 1915.


The Vaughan emblem shown above is finished in gilt paint and appears to have been attached to the front bumper or possibly a headlight bar. I do not know, if the Vaughan also had a radiator emblem. The Vaughan emblem shown above is extremely rare.

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