January 24, 2021


Fox Motor Car Co. (1921-1923)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is a Fox radiator emblem (1921-1923)     mjs
Size: 45mm diameter   MM: Fox

The Fox Motor Car Company was organised in November 1919 to build the Fox motor car. The Fox was an attractive, air-cooled 50 hp six-cylinder motor car featuring aluminum pistons and overhead valves, with coachwork by Derham and Fleetwood. A prototype touring model appeared in 1921 but it was not until January 1922 that the Fox appeared in public at car shows.

The car was well received and production began in May 1922 but the company could not attract financing and the last Fox cars were built in 1923. Total Fox production was small and one estimate has only 25 cars built but it may have been a few hundred.


The red and white enamel Fox radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

The following Fox emblem is a painted hub emblem and is very rare:

This is a Fox hub emblem (1921-1923)     dkc
Size: 41mm diameter

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