April 15, 2021


Economy Motor Co. (1916-1919)

Tiffin & Bellefontaine, Ohio

This is an Economy radiator emblem (1916-1919)    mjs
Size: 69mm high 47mm wide    MM: Unknown

The first Economy cars in 1916-1917 were four-cylinder assembled touring cars and the Thre-Dor Roadster, which had a third door to allow all five passengers easy access to their seats. In 1917 the company merged with the Bellefontaine Automobile Company and production began in Bellefontaine as well as in Tiffin. An eight-cylinder model joined the line in 1918 but by the end of 1919 the Economy was finished.

Total Economy production was only about 470 cars. The make was resurrected in Tiffin in 1920 as a six-cylinder car called the Economy-Vogue, which became the Vogue in 1921 (see Vogue).


The blue enamel Economy radiator emblem shown above is very rare.

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