April 15, 2021


Hupp Corp. (1912)

R.C.H. Corp. (1912-1915)

Detroit, Michigan

This is an R.C.H. radiator emblem (1912-1915)    mjs
Size: 90mm high 88mm wide

When Robert C Hupp left his Hupp Motor Car Company in 1911 after disagreements with his board of directors (see Hupmobile), he set up Hupp Corporation and announced a new electric car called the Hupp-Yeates (see Hupp-Yeates) and a new gasoline car called the R.C.H., which arrived for the 1912 model year. Hupp was forced to change the name of his company, which became the R.C.H. Corporation.

The first R.C.H. car was a 22 hp four-cylinder model with a self-starter and was offered in five body styles. It was very successful with 7,000 cars sold in 1912 and with orders on the books for more than 15,000 for the 1913 models. But Hupp did not have the necessary working capital and in July 1913 the company was in receivership.

Robert Hupp left the company to try again with the Monarch car and the new owners continued production of the R.C.H., but, in the rush to meet initial demand, quality was sacrificed and many cars sold started to fall apart. The reputation of the R.C.H. was damaged and it was all over by 1915.


The following 1911 advertisement showing the new R.C.H. car for the 1912 model year also shows an "R.C.H." logo, which was carried as a metal script by most R.C.H. cars, either attached to the radiator tank top or mounted on the radiator core:

R.C.H. advertisement showing logo (1911)   eBay

This is the R.C.H. radiator script shown above at the top of tis post. Original R.C.H. scripts are rare.

The emblem shown below has been seen displayed at the top of the radiator of a 1912 model R.C.H. but I cannot confirm if this was an original emblem. If this is indeed an original R.C.H. radiator emblem, it would be very rare.

This appears to be an R.C.H. radiator emblem (c1912)    ms
Size: Unknown

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