October 22, 2020


Hupp Corp. (1911-1912)

R.C.H. Corp. (1912-1915)

Hupp-Yeats Electric Car Co. (1916-1919)

Detroit, Michigan

This is a Hupp-Yeats emblem (1911)    mjs
Size: 70mm wide 50mm high   MM: Robbins

When, in 1911, Robert C. Hupp left the Hupp Motor Car Company that he had founded to produce the Hupmobile (see Hupmobile), he set up the Hupp Corporation to make a new gasoline motor car called the R.C.H. (see R.C.H.) and a new electric car called the Hupp-Yeats. But the people now producing the Hupmobile objected to the name Hupp Corporation and in February 1912 Robert C. Hupp changed his company name to R.C.H. Corporation.

The Hupp-Yeats was a good quality example of the second generation of American electric cars. It was an attractive looking car and could give up to 90 miles on a single battery charge. Commercial versions of the Hupp-Yeats were also built in the form of a 1/2-ton electric truck in 1911 and 1912. Unfortunately, the R.C.H. Corporation was not financially successful and, by 1913, Robert C. Hupp had left to join the Monarch Motor Car Company (see Monarch).

The assets of the R.C.H. Corporation were purchased by a group of investors, who established the Hupp-Yeats Electric Car Company in order to continue production of the Hupp-Yeats. Sales were modest over the next three years and the Hupp-Yeats car was finally discontinued in 1919.


The opaque blue enamel Hupp-Yeats emblem shown above is combined with a serial number, which indicates that this particular emblem dates from 1911. The emblem was usually located inside the vehicle on the dashboard. This Hupp-Yeats emblem is very rare.

There was also a transparent blue version of the Hupp-Yeats emblem, which is also very rare, see the gold plated example shown below from the 1912 Hupp-Yeats De Luxe model on display at the Reynolds Alberta Auto Museum:

This is a Hupp-Yeats emblem (1912)   myles twete

A version of this emblem is also known in transparent pink enamel, see example below. It is not known if this was a trial emblem or if it was used on particular Hupp-Yeats models. This Hupp-Yeats emblem is extremely rare.

This is a Hupp-Yeats emblem (c1911-1912)    sam
Size: 70mm wide 50mm high   MM: Unknown

I have not seen any Hupp-Yeats emblems inscribed with R.C.H. Corporation or Hupp-Yeats Electric Car Company. It seems likely that the original Hupp Corporation emblem was used throughout but I cannot confirm this. If you have details of Hupp-Yeats emblems inscribed differently, please let me know so that this post can be updated.

The painted cast aluminum emblem shown below is believed to be from a Hupp-Yeats truck:

Hupp-Yeats electric truck emblem (1911-1912)   mjs
Size: 353mm high 48mm wide    MM: None

It is noted that this design of the "Hupp-Yeats" name inside an arrow was also used on the Hupp-Yeats passenger car running boards.

The following is a Hupp-Yeats hubcap showing a hub emblem:

This is a Hupp-Yeats hubcap (dates unknown)    dkc

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