September 22, 2020


Dragon Automobile Co. (1906-1908)

Detroit, Michigan (1906)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1907-1908)

Dragon Motor Co. (1908)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is a Dragon radiator script (1907)    bmhv

The Dragon Automobile Company was established in the summer of 1906 and production began later that year. The Dragon was a well designed 25 hp four-cylinder car offered in touring and runabout styles. Production began in Detroit and the first Dragon appeared at the New York Automobile Show in December 1906. Production then moved to a plant in Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, the Dragon Automobile Company did not care too much about quality control and also did not pay their suppliers or other creditors. Very soon there were serious complaints about the poor quality of the Dragon and several creditors sued for redress. By the end of 1907 the Dragon Automobile Company was finished and had been replaced by the Dragon Motor Company but by March 1908 this company was finished too. 


The Dragon did not carry a radiator emblem but displayed the Dragon name on a brass script attached to the radiator core, see example above at the top of this post. Original Dragon radiator scripts are very rare.

The Dragon name was also shown on the hub caps, see below:

This is a Dragon hub cap (1906-1908)    bmhv

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