April 11, 2017


Birch Motor Cars, Inc. (1916-1923)

Chicago, Illinois

This is a Birch radiator emblem (c1916)    mjs
Size: 90mm wide 41mm high    MM: None

Birch cars were assembled cars sold by direct mail order only, mainly through magazine advertisements. Birch was associated with the Birch Motor College, a technical school, and some car assembly was carried out by its students, although most production was undertaken by established motor car companies, including Crow-Elkhart of Indiana and Seneca of Ohio.

The first Birch car appeared in 1916 and was a 19.6 hp four-cylinder touring model. A 21.6 hp six-cylinder touring was added to the line in 1918 and the range of body styles increased significantly by 1921. Production had ceased by 1923.

It is not known how many Birch cars were actually built and sold but it is not believed to be many. 


The Birch radiator emblem shown above is rare.

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