March 25, 2017


American Motor Carriage Co. (1902-1904)

Cleveland, Ohio

This is an American Gas hub emblem (1902-1904)    jab
Size: 51mm diameter    MM: None

The American Motor Carriage Company was established in August 1901 but was short lived. The company's product was called the American but was known as the American Gas. The American Gas was an assembled 7 hp single cylinder runabout with a handsome body painted in French carmine with the running gear in valentine red.

The first American Gas appeared in 1902 but the company suffered delays in receiving parts from suppliers and the price of the American Gas was too high for the market. As a result, the company was in receivership by September 1903. Efforts were made to complete the vehicles for which parts were on hand and the price was reduced, which resulted in improved sales, but it was too late and it was all over by April 1904.


The American Gas did not have a radiator and did not carry an emblem apart from the hub center disc emblem shown below:

This shows an American Gas hub and hub emblem (1902)  ms

This is the pressed metal American Gas hub emblem shown above at the top of this post. This American Gas hub emblem is very rare.

The "American" name was also displayed on a small nameplate located at the rear of the vehicle, see below. This American Gas nameplate is extremely rare. 

American Gas nameplate (1902-1904)    caam

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