December 16, 2016


Washington Motor Co.

Eaton, Ohio (1921-1924)

Middletown, Ohio (1924)

This is a Washington radiator emblem (1921-1924)   mjs
Size: 65mm high 50mm wide  MM: Unknown

The Washington made in Eaton, Ohio was a well made assembled 55 hp six-cylinder touring car which was introduced in February 1921 but the first cars were not delivered until November that year and the company was already in financial trouble. For 1922 the Washington was offered as a 58 hp six in four body styles but only a small number of cars were sold.

In February 1923 the company announced a new factory in Middletown where a prototype of the Washington Steam Car was the only vehicle built that year. In 1924 a gasoline car and three steam cars were built before the company closed later that year.

Total Washington production was 25-35 gasoline cars and three steam cars.


The Washington radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

But beware, as there is a Pulfer reproduction Washington radiator emblem, which appears similar but is relatively crude, has a flat back and lacks any detail in depth, see example below:

This is a reproduction Washington radiator emblem      ms
Size: 65mm high 50mm wide

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