December 26, 2016


Murray Motor Car Co.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1916-1920)

Newark, New Jersey (1920-1921)

This is a Murray radiator emblem (c1916)    mjs
Size: 80mm wide 42mm high   MM: Unknown

William M Murray set up the Murray Motor Car Company in Pittsburgh in April 1916. The first Murray was a 34 hp eight-cylinder touring automobile and was introduced at the New York Automobile Salon in December 1916. The Murray had a Rolls-Royce-style radiator and the ads claimed the Murray to be "A Motor Car of Distinction" and "America's Smartest Car". But all was not well. Production totalled 121 units in 1917 and then fell to 87 in 1918 and 61 in 1919.

In January 1920 the Murray moved to a new plant in Newark, New Jersey but there is no evidence of any production there. William Murray had left the business, which was in receivership by April 1920. John McCarthy took over the business in 1921 and the Murray became Murray-Mac. Only a handful of Murray-Mac cars were ever built.


The Murray radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post is the first emblem used for the Murray car and is extremely rare.

The poor quality photo below is from the Al Thurn emblem photo collection and shows the first Murray hub emblem. This hub emblem is extremely rare.

This is the first Murray hub emblem (c1916)    alt
Size: 54mm wide 48mm high    MM: Unknown

 Some later Murray emblems are shown below.

This is a Murray radiator emblem (dates unknown)    sam
Size: 50mm wide 50mm high  MM: Unknown

The Murray radiator emblem shown above is believed to have been used in the later years of Murray production and is very rare but the actual dates of use are unknown.

This emblem was used as a hub center (dates unknown)    sam
Size: 45mm  MM: Unknown

The Murray emblem shown above was used as a hub center for the same Murray models as the previous emblem and is very rare.

This may be an original Murray radiator emblem (dates unknown)     sam
 50mm wide 50mm high  MM: Unknown 

The Murray emblem shown above may be an original radiator emblem but there is some doubt, as it appears to be identical to the following emblem, which is a Pulfer reproduction. It is mounted on a display board and the back of the emblem cannot be studied. If it is an original emblem, it is very rare.

This is a Pulfer reproduction emblem     mjs
Size: 50mm wide 50mm high   MM: None

If you have more detailed information about the dates of use of Murray emblems, please let me know in order to update this post.

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