December 24, 2016


Maritime Motors Ltd. (1913-1914)

St John, New Brunswick

This is a Maritime Six radiator emblem (1913)    dkc
Size: Unknown  MM: Unknown

Maritime Motors initially announced the Maritime Six in 1913 but they did not have the means to go into series production and only two cars were made.

Later in 1913 the company made an agreement with Palmer-Singer of New York to assemble cars using Palmer-Singer parts and sell them as the Maritime Singer Six. The first Maritime Singer Six cars were artillery-wheeled touring cars but for 1914 the new Palmer-Singer design had a new vee-radiator and wire wheels. However, they were expensive automobiles and few were sold. Palmer-Singer went bankrupt in March 1914 and that was the end of the Maritime Singer Six also.

Total production of the Maritime Singer Six is estimated to have been between six and twenty-four cars. 


The Maritime Six radiator emblem shown above appears to be for the initial Maritme Six car in early 1913. Only two of these cars were built. If this is correct, this emblem is ultra rare.

The following advertisement shows the logo associated with the 1914 Maritime Singer Six.

This is an ad for the Maritime Singer Six for 1914 showing the logo   ms

I have not seen a radiator emblem for the Maritime Singer Six but it may have followed the logo shown above. If so, this emblem would be extremely rare. If you have a photo of a Maritime Singer Six emblem, please send me a copy in order to update this post.

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