December 21, 2016


Desberon Motor Car Co. (1901-1904)

New York & New Rochelle, New York

This is a Desberon nameplate (1902)     mjs
Size: 80mm wide 28mm high

The Desberon Motor Car Company had manufacturing plants in New York City and New Rochelle and produced both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Desberon built a few steam-powered as well as gasoline-powered delivery vans. Towards the end of their production, Desberon also built some gasoline-powered trucks with an output of only one per month. Desberon passenger cars were all gasoline-powered. All Desberon vehicles were slow and ponderous and did not perform well in contests.

Total production figures are not known but were low.


The Desberon serial plate of 1902 shown above is very rare. The Desberon did not carry an emblem at this time.

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