December 29, 2016


Angus Automobile Co. (1908-1910)

Angus, Nebraska

This is a Fuller maker's nameplate (c1908)     mjs
Size: 93mm wide 47mm high

The Fuller brothers were makers of wagons and buggies. They made their first automobile when they bought a single-cylinder engine and fitted it to one of their horsedrawn carriages. The brothers spent some years getting motor car building experience and then started their own production line in 1908. The Fuller automobiles were mainly four-cylinder cars with a big six-cylinder model offered in 1908 only.

Residents in the nearby town of Nelson bought a controlling share of the Angus company and, in 1910, this majority of shareholders decided to relocate the Fuller operation to Nelson, but the car did not survive the move. Total production was about 134 cars.


The maker's nameplate shown above was used on a Fuller automobile and is very rare. The Fuller carried a brass script on the radiator core, see example below, which is also very rare.

This is a Fuller radiator script (1908-1910)    mjs
Size: 275mm
I am not aware of a Fuller radiator emblem, but, if you have details of such an emblem, please let me know in order to update this post.

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